Donald K. Ross, Bagpiper

..when you want the best!

When you want the best

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Playing for my high school classmates1971, my first time playing the bagpipes    





Playing at a Clan MacRae event

St. Andrews Pipe Band

A 1976 St. Andrews Pipe Band event


A very surprised birthday
A memorial remembrance



Jean Lind tree dedication at the Kilgour Centre in TroySmart Car giveaway promotion at the 2010 Highland Games


Playing for Highland dancers Kate and Andrea

Dallas surprise 70th Birthday with fellow piper Dave Martin

Norman Youngs 80th Birthday

Adams High School Varsity Cheerleaders

Playing out the Rochester Adams Highlanders

St. Andrews Pipe Band 2010

     The Detroit Curling Club



Memorial serviceDr. Julies MSU graduation



Don Huffs 83rd birthday

Surprise birthday party for Jeff.  Great shirt!

Reed's early morning birthday surprise

Entertaining guests at Cranbrook's Music in the Gardens

American Cancer Society Relay for Life luminaria ceremony in Ferndale

The Annual Lanigan Golf Outing Benefitting the American Heart Assoc. & Alzheimer’s Research

Starting the wedding processionMeghan and Brendts Wedding (Wayne Maki Photography)

Kristal and Bryan’s Wedding

Kristal and Bryans Wedding

Meghan and Brendts Wedding (Wayne Maki Photography)

Sarah and Franks Wedding.  Courtesy of Moxie Photography

Kelly and Matts wedding

Becky and Georges wedding at The Little Wedding Chapel

Katie and Mikes Wedding (Maureen Hartson Photography)Katie with her father

Devon and Tims WeddingDevon and Tims Wedding

Ian and Veronika at Torch Lake


Parkinsons Walk

St. Andrews Society sending packages to our troops at the Livonia Greenmead Station

Sean celebrating his 21st with family at Gus OConnors Pub

Mae and Jons Wedding

Mae and Jons Wedding

Iris and Georges 50th wedding anniversary

Leading the funeral procession

Grondin Wedding - photo courtesy of Amanda Wagner

Indianwood Invitational

Indianwood Invitational

Leading the procession for Sarah and Franks wedding.  Photo courtesy of Moxie Photography

Memorial for James T. Williams of the 48th Highlanders

Michelle and Todds Wedding

Gillis WeddingRebecca and Taylors Wedding

Rebecca and Taylors Wedding

Nicole and Christophers Wedding

Rachel and Ryans reception grand entrance

Rachel and Ryans wedding complete with highland dancers

After a year away on active duty Brisbin is able to give Nichole the wedding they had planned

Oakland University Presidents Invitational

Sam and Lindes wedding courtesy of Epic Motion

Sam and Lindes wedding courtesy of Epic Motion

Jena and Ritchies wedding

Mary and Ricks St. Patrick's Day Wedding

Leading the procession at Becky and Georges wedding

Becky and George in front of The Little Wedding Chapel

Karin and Jobys Wedding

Karin and Jobys Wedding

60th Annual St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade

St. Baldricks Foundation Fundraiser

Jennifer and Patricks WeddingMarianne and Rogers Wedding

Marianne and Rogers Wedding

My family and I at the St. Andrews Highland Games

Jennifer and Jims wedding                 Jennifer and Jims wedding

2011 Davison Golf and Country Club Invitational

Dedication to Rosevilles Fallen Heroes Monument

Sarah and Bryans wedding

Sarah and Bryans wedding

Piping with the Troy Firefighters

2014 Dearborn Memorial Day Parade

  David and Julies Wedding

Scott and Gloria at Binder Zoo.  Surprise piper AND wedding proposal.

John and Michelles wedding

John and Michelle Ford Piquette Plant reception

Erin rode up on her horse in her wedding gown

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